Be Bold

Slide strategy Apolo Group International is a strategy consulting firm and is a way of bringing my experience at Google to Latin America. We have the intelligence you need to be 2-3 years ahead of your competition; if you choose to be bold. This is just one of the ways we can provide a distinct, competitive advantage to the businesses. Where do you want to be in 2-3 years? How far ahead of the competition do you wish to be? Let's talk!

Our principal is Sheldon Bernstein. He is the Head of Strategy and Operations Google which means he articulates the go-to-market and operationalization for multiple teams. He works with product/sales enablers, content developers, consultants and analysts about how to best drive support to an ecosystem of Google Partners. His platform is based on solid business intelligence that creates opportunity for profitability and revenue. Sheldon has loved the Hispanic culture for over a decade and opening the opportunity to truly make a difference, to disrupt the legacy structures that exist in Latin America, inspires me. Thankfully, He found some equally inspiring people to work with and bring this firm to life.

Our team has dozens of years of collective experience across: business strategy, sales excellence, real estate, marketing, finance, and public administration. We put this vast array of experience to improve your business end-to-end. From large scale commercial projects to helping a small business get started and everywhere in between, we give your direct, transparent, and impactful insights that propel your business forward.

Slide ADDRESS Antigua Guatemala
Sacatepequez, GT
PHONE +1 407 279 0994 (WhatsApp)
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